Closet Edit

How does it work?

First, you'll join me in an onboarding call so we can start this journey off together with a review of your personal styling assessment form and your Pinterest inspiration page. We will identify your unique style and dig deeper into what styles make you feel most confident.

Next, you will show me a handful of pieces in your closet so you can start learning and implementing the PILE method of closet editing. You'll be equipped with a handy dandy PDF file to continue the PILE process on your own so you can eliminate the pieces of clothing in your closet weighing you down. Plan to block your calendar for half a day to do this independently, or you can tackle one section of your closet each day until we meet again.

Then, we will have our second call where I'll go over your "love", "love, but", and "meh" piles to ensure the pieces you keep are in line with your unique style and make you feel like a thousand bucks. Get ready for a mini fashion show because I'll have you try on some pieces to decide if they are worthy of a coveted spot in your closet.

Finally, you will be given a list of pieces to add to your closet to fill any gaps. Your closet is now filled only with the pieces you love and that fit your unique style. Welcome to feeling confident and stylish (with ease) on a daily basis!




Asma helped me not only find potential in my current closet but also change the way I shop. Thanks to Asma's guidance I feel confident, comfortable, chic and beautiful in what I'm wearing.

Sameera M.


I feel more comfortable and confident, a better version of myself. Asma exceeded my expectations and I truly recommend her to anyone that needs guidance with their wardrobe.

Sobia Y.