Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work, exactly?

Once you reach out to me here, we'll schedule a follow-up phone call. We'll determine the best plan to get you to a place where you're confident, happy, and comfortable with your wardrobe!

What makes you different from other stylists?

I tailor my services to Muslim women, who dress in a way that connects with their values. Not every stylist will understand why they might need a longer top or long sleeves and other subtle clothing guidelines Muslim women often follow. My goal is to help Muslim women feel confident and comfortable in every way they want to show up in the world.

Do you work with women who aren't Muslim?

Absolutely! I've styled women of all religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Feeling confident in who you are and what you're wearing isn't reserved for one type of person- it's for everyone!

Why do you prefer online shopping?

I only shop online with all clients (even ones I see in-person) because I understand that the clothing needs of many women, especially Muslim women, are not well met during in-person shopping trips. Speaking as a Muslim woman who wears hijab, I know just how frustrating it is to not be able to find anything that works for me in stores. By shopping online, I can bypass that frustration and find items that work for specific guidelines, thereby saving you time and money.

Do you work jewelry and accessories into outfits?

Yes, I work with everything including undergarments (if help is needed), shoes, clothing, and accessories including jewelry, hijabs, and scarf accessories.

I don't have much money, can I still use your services?

If you don't have money for purchasing new items, we can do a Closet Styling. Or if you have money to spend shopping, but not much, we can easily find excellent additions to your wardrobe in inexpensive stores and boutiques online.

What if I don't like the clothes you choose for me?

Don't forget, this service is personalized to you, for you. We go over your Personal Style Assessment first so I have an in-depth knowledge of what you're be drawn to. But don't worry, if I pull items that you're not sure about, just let me know and I'll choose something different so you're happy with your purchases. Sometimes you think something might not work, but you don't know until you try it!

What if I need you for an unlisted service or only part of a listed service?

I can absolutely work with whatever you need! Let me know what you are looking for and I'll see what I can do to make it happen!