Closet Audit

Shop Your Closet

 Do you have a closet full of clothes but you still can't figure out what to wear?  

With the Shop Your Closet, we start with a closet audit. We'll create outfits with what you have and rediscover your wardrobe together! We'll go through your closet and find fresh ways to bring your existing pieces to life. I'll leave you with a curated digital shopping list of items to fill the gaps in your wardrobe!


Shop & Style

Do you need new clothes but you're stressed out by the idea of shopping and creating outfits on your own?

With the Shop & Style, we focus on key articles of clothing and accessories that you need in your wardrobe. Once we've completed your purchases, I show you how to wear everything and create new outfits for you. I'll leave you with a digital lookbook so you never have to worry about how to wear an item again!


 Wardrobe Overhaul 

Do you need a complete overhaul of your outfits but you're overwhelmed by the scope of the project? 

The Wardrobe Overhaul puts together everything you need to make a fresh start! We begin by clearing out your closet, followed by shopping and creating new outfits. I'll leave you with a fresh closet, new clothes, and a digital lookbook full of outfits put together from your existing favorites and new purchases! 

A La Carte 

Closet Audit

I'll help you organize and edit what you already own. Consider this the building block of our styling sessions. 

Event Styling

I'll help you with a  complete look, including accessories, shoes, hijabs, hijab styling, whatever you need!


Enjoy your trip without spending another thought on what clothes to wear or what to pack, I'll help you take care of everything.

Vintage and Thrifted

If you want to shop vintage, pre-owned, and thrifted pieces, don't worry, I got you!

Personal Shopping

If you hate shopping or just want a relaxing, stress-free, and successful shopping trip, I'm here to help.

Seasonal Refresh

Once your core wardrobe has been established, I'll keep your wardrobe up to date with new styles as the seasons changes.

Assistance with closet organization and photos for Virtual Closet for an additional price

How else can I help you? If there's anything you're interested in but don't see here, feel free to reach out, I look forward to meeting you!