The biggest mindset shift was that the way I dressed could have such an affect on my mood and my choices. This was an investment worth making in myself.

I used to walk into my closet and feel despair; it was totally full but with things I didn't wear, didn't like and that didn't fit. I love looking at my closet now, and I've started actually caring about how an outfit goes together now.


Virtual- Wardrobe Overhaul

Shoutout to Asma for having my back! You picked the dopest pieces and made me feel so damn comfortable on set.

Mama Duke 

In Person- Photoshoot Styling

Asma gave me the confidence to embrace my changing body after having my child. She adapted my style to the phase of life I am in.

I feel amazing and everyday styling is much easier now that I have Asma to rely on. I work with her seasonally and she has helped me edit my closet and introduced new ways for me to improve my hijab. She has made my style easy and more Islamically modest.


Virtual- Wardrobe Overhaul and Seasonal Update

Asma helped me not only find potential in my current closet but also change the way I shop. Thanks to Asma's guidance I feel confident, comfortable, chic and beautiful in what I'm wearing.


In Person- Closet Audit 

It was an absolutely amazing experience to have someone understand what my expectations and style look like. I felt at ease with you and you never made me feel uncomfortable or intimidated. For the first time in my life, my closet looks the way I always dreamed of it to look like! Thank you again!


Virtual- Seasonal Update

You've helped me in ways I wasn't expecting. I've lost a lot of myself through the journey of motherhood and becoming a hijabi. At one point it became easier to cover up and hide because of my discomfort with my body. You've helped me find my voice, find myself, and the confidence I left back in the days of pre-motherhood.


Virtual- Seasonal Update

I feel more comfortable and confident, a better version of myself. Asma exceeded my expectations and I truly recommend her to anyone that needs guidance with their wardrobe.


In Person- Closet Audit