The Wardrobe Overhaul

How does it work?

First, you'll join me in an onboarding call so we can start this journey off together with a review of your personal styling assessment form and your Pinterest inspiration page. We will identify your unique style and dig deeper into what styles make you feel most confident.

Then, we'll begin the Closet Editing process.

Next, we will have our second call where I'll go over your "love", "love, but", and "meh" piles to ensure the pieces you keep are in line with your unique style and make you feel like a thousand bucks. Get ready for a mini fashion show because I'll have you try on some pieces to decide if they are worthy of a coveted spot in your closet. You'll take photos of everything you're keeping and upload them into the app (if I travel to you, then I do this part). I'll create your shopping board to fill in the gaps of what you're missing, what you need to replenish, and other pieces we'll have discussed.

Finally, it's time to shop and purchase those pieces! Once delivered, we'll jump on a call and go through some outfit combinations and make sure the pieces you've purchased fit well. If you need to do any returns, now is the time. Your closet is now filled only with the pieces you love and that fit your unique style. I'll create a Lookbook of up to 25 fully styled outfits I've created from your new pieces. Welcome to feeling confident and stylish (with ease) on a daily basis! You have one-on-one access to me throughout the duration of the process, as well as 2-4 weeks of Voxer support following the completion of the service.


Asma gave me the confidence to embrace my changing body after having my child. She adapted my style to the phase of life I am in. I feel amazing and everyday styling is much easier now that I have Asma to rely on. 

I work with her seasonally and she has helped me edit my closet and introduced new ways for me to improve my hijab. She has made my style easy and more Islamically modest.

Farwa R.


The biggest mindset shift was that the way I dressed could have such an affect on my mood and my choices.

This was an investment worth making in myself. I used to walk into my closet and feel despair; it was totally full but with things I didn't wear, didn't like and that didn't fit. I love looking at my closet now, and I've started actually caring about how an outfit goes together now.

Summar S.